From time to time I get asked about products that I use. These are products that I use and enjoy and this is not an endorsement by anyone I work with, work for, have worked with, have worked for, might at some time work for, met once on a fishing trip, or the neighbor 6 doors down. These opinions are my own.

I am a fan of the products Wilderness Athlete makes.  They have been a huge part of me transforming myself to a healthier version.  I have done wathe 28 day challenge, use the multi vitamin, Hydrate and Recover, Energy and Focus as well as the Green Infusion and the Altitude Advantage. I feel fortunate to be able to call many of the people at  Wilderness Athlete  my friends. This is truly a great group of people and a great product.


After working on becoming healthier and losing weight, my wedding ring kept sliding off.  I got a replacement but is wasn’t QALO_CoreBrand_logo_blk_mediumreally what I wanted.  My wife bought me a Qalo.  If you don’t have one, do yourself a favor and check them out.  They are perfect for an active and industrious lifestyle!