Bringing some wild to the pavement.

Bringing some wild to the pavement.

Team WildernessDadlete is running in the 178 mile Reno Tahoe Odyssey to raise funds and awareness for Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs (NOW). The team, consisting of Outdoorsmen and women from throughout the west, is not your typical relay team.  Team captain and NOW volunteer Mike Aiazzi is sure that will be a big challenge for a team of individuals that have not run together before and some, like Aiazzi, have never really competed in a race at all.   Aiazzi stated, “Spending time at NOW camp has inspired me to go outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself.  Just like our hunters do.”

Founded in 2008, Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs (NOW) has impacted individuals and families throughout the nation for a decade. NOW is united in crafting experiential hunting and outdoor adventures for individuals utilizing a wheelchair. Annually, participants embark on five-day hunt and outdoor adventure. Hunters enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, and other educational activities. The event is held at the historic TS Ranch, in Dunphy, Nevada and brings together participants who strive to overcome personal challenges and enjoy individual accomplishments.  NOW is committed to encouraging individuals to overcome their personal adversity, embrace nature and take on new challenges and adventures.


Team WildernessDadlete

aiazziHi! I am Mike Aiazzi.  I am a father, husband, hunter, conservationist, and outdoorsman.  I have always wanted to be involved with the Reno Tahoe Odyssey, however I am not a distance runner. After years of wanting to participate in the event on some level, I decided to put together a team and give it a shot.  I decided it would be a great opportunity to raise awareness and money for a great cause.  Years ago I had the chance to get involved with Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs.  With this in mind, I asked some of my friends to join me on this adventure. Below is the team that is coming together to challenge ourselves on this adventure. If you are interested in supporting this team’s cause, visit our fundraising site.  Follow along on social media and our race tracker for our progress on June 1st and 2nd. I am running leg 6, leg 18, and leg 30.

reedIt is no surprise that Jake Reed joined the team.  He and Mike have been friends since 4-H, played high school football together, and were even roommates at the University of Nevada. Jake is a father of two beautiful daughters, a husband and an avid hunter. He and his family live in Elko Nevada. This will be his first time running the RTO.  Jake is running leg 1, leg 13, and leg 25.

harleyHello!  My name is Harley Maughan. I am originally from Tonopah, Nevada, where I grew up and graduated high school. From there I moved to Reno Nevada, where I attended the University of Nevada, Reno, earning bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Economics. Today, I enjoy all things outdoors, especially archery! I am also obsessed with the gym…whether it be bodybuilding or crossfit, I love it all!  I am very excited to run in this years RTO race on team WildernessDadlete, as this is my first year participating in the RTO and I know my team is running for an awesome cause! I can’t wait to get out there, meet and run with awesome and inspiring individuals, and just have a good time!  leg 2, leg 14, leg 26.

tyTy Hoelzen was a natural fit for team WildernessDadlete.  A father himself, Ty is a trainer for Train to Hunt, a coach, an outdoorsman, and always up for an adventure.  Ty, from Minden Nevada , is a former D1 pitcher at Sacramento State University.  Ty wanted to combine his passion for fitness and training with his passion for hunting and the outdoors. Ty is running leg 4, leg 16 and leg 28.

I first met  Aaron Lanka doing the inaugural Train To Hunt Challenge in Nevada in 2016.  He is one of the people in this life that is just genuinely a great person.  When asked if he wanted part of a crazy idea for a great cause, Aaron was in.   Aaron is a father, hunter, outdoorsman and great competitor as well as a perfect addition to this team. He has ran the RTO previously and will be guiding us along this adventure.  Aaron is running leg 8, leg 20, and leg 32.


connieWhen you have a cousin that loves to run, you better give her a call when running such an awesome relay. Connie Fortier was in instantly!  She brings actual running credibility to the team.  She is an avid outdoorswoman that loves to camp, fish, hunt, hike and of course run.  She has ran marathons and will be the anchor of the team . Connie is running leg 7, leg 19, leg 31.




Lindsay Fortier, Connie’s daughter, will  graduate from Skyline High, Sammamish, Washington just prior to the Reno Tahoe Odyssey.  She has run track and cross country for the Spartans for  all 4 years.  This fall she is going  to college to study education.  She is also an avid outdoorswoman.  Lindsay is running leg 11, leg 23, leg35.


ryanRyan Fortier is running this race with his mom, sister and of course his cousin. Ryan is an avid outdoorsman, a scout, a high school athlete and will have the honor of crossing the finish line for team WildernessDadlete.   Ryan is running leg 12, leg 24, leg 36

werthI’m Steven Werth, native Nevadan who grew up in Gardnerville. I enjoy everything  outdoors from fishing to hiking looking for birds, big game, or just for the heck of it. I’m looking forward to being part of this team that’s running the RTO for a great cause. Can’t think of a better way to support NOW than a little competitive, but fun, run through some great country with Team WildernessDadlete.  I am running leg 9, leg 21, leg 33

davidComing from Northeastern Nevada, David Stephens is a student at the University of Nevada. David ran cross country in high school and is an avid outdoorsman.  As a hunter and former runner, this fundraiser really struck a chord with David.  He asked to join the team and we are lucky to have him. David is running leg 10, leg 22, leg 34.


nolting  A team is like a family.  It is only fitting that this team have family on it.  Michael Nolting is one such family member.  He is the younger cousin to the team WildernessDadlete captain, Mike Aiazzi.  While Michael is a former high school athlete that excelled in his athletic career, this 178 mile race will be a challenge.  Michael is a hunter and outdoorsman.  Michael is running leg 3, leg 15, leg 27.



Would you like one of our race shirts? They at available for $20 by clicking the link.  Proceeds go directly to Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs!






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Honor Miles 
Every mile we run can be in honor of someone important to you, possibly the person that introduced you to the Great Outdoors.  Simply donate $20 here and include who you want the mile in honor of and which mile you would like. Only one person per mile so space is limited to 178, but when you are running those miles it doesn’t feel too limited!
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